Broker Affiliate Program

Join the ReelTour Broker Partner program to offer this patent pending technology to your agents while driving revenue to your bottom line several ways.

You’ll earn valuable fees, generate more billing from your existing services, and deliver great results for your real estate agents!  CLICK HERE TO APPLY NOW!


Why Partner with Brokers and Brands?

We understand that many agents depend on their company and broker to keep them up to date with the latest technology and marketing techniques. They have no better source than you! By making you our partner, we can both help each other be successful.

Ways you make money from Reeltour

1. Using Reeltour, your agents will secure more listings. More listings adds revenue.
2. Reeltour increases value proposition allowing agents to demand higher fees, this also drives revenue.
3. We will split the revenue generated form your agents with you. In the new days of RESPA this added income stream to your brokerage can replace some of the MSA money that is now long gone.

Commission Payments

We offer an unprecedented 50% recurring commission on your first year and 10% for each following year for the life of the customer.  This is THE highest paying program in the affiliate space. Commission payments are deposited directly to Affiliate and Partner Paypal accounts. They are recurring and made on a monthly basis for each client who remains a paying ReelTour customer.

Who becomes a ReelTour Broker Partner?

A Broker Partner is the owner of their own brokerage, company, or franchise. A Broker Partner typically introduces ReelTour to his or her agents, provides more influence in the conversion process, may incur additional marketing expenses, and may offer tailored services and programs to clients. They can do this through sales meetings and by adding  the ReelTour banner to their own websites, social media sites and emails.

That’s it! You send us business, we send you money!

What benefits do ReelTour Broker Partners receive?

  • Free training, webinars and tech support
  • Access to our marketing tools and promotional materials
  • A dashboard to manage and track activity, conversions and payments in your ReelTour account

Ready to join?

CLICK HERE TO APPLY NOW! The process is simple and takes 30 seconds.  Fill out the form and submit it for approval. Please have your Paypal account email available for submitting.  If approved, generally within 5 days, you’ll receive an email notifying you of your acceptance and a link to your affiliate dashboard.