FAQ-For those Considering ReelTour

Why isn't this just an app Buyer's Agents can download? Why do I need to buy tablets?

Three reasons. 1. Cloud-based service is great, but we are talking about lots of streaming video that would kill a Buyer’s Agents data plan. 2.It is almost impossible to get someone to install a new app just because you asked, especially when it is primarily benefitting you. 3. Part of the magic of ReelTour is its tangibility. Sellers can touch it and play with it at a listing presentation maximizing its desired impact.

What if someone steals my tablet out of my listing?

What if someone steals the dishwasher? The point is the likelihood and how you would handle this is the same. You will place these in homes on electric lockbox allowing you to see which agent came through and tracked it down.

What if the home I put it in does not have Wi-Fi?

You have three options here. First you can purchase internet-enabled tablets that connect to the internet on their own. Second you can connect the tablet to your phone’s wi-fi hotspot during periodic property visits. Or third, you could ask your client to ask a neighbor to “rent” some bandwidth.

How do I get the ReelTour app?

Get the ReelTour app from the Google Play Store. You will need to purchase the app from the store and sign up for your Standard Account from the app or our website.

Is there a monthly fee with a Standard Account?

No, there is just a one-time $9.95 app fee when you purchase ReelTour from the Google Play Store.

Do I have to buy the app for every tablet I get?

No, the  Google Play Store allows you to sync 1 account to 10 devices. We do however recommend you create a seperate Google play account just for this.

Is there a a discount if I pay for a year with the PRO Account?

Yes. Should you choose our annualized billing option, you will receive a discount equivalent to two months of service.

Is the ReelTour App and Website safe?

Yes, your credit card details are not stored by ReelTour, all transactions are processed through, the leader in online credit card transactions.  Your transaction will take place behind a secure socket layer and this  SSL certificate will be available for your verification through your browser.  We keep your details safe and secure through the latest security methods.

Will you ever raise my pricing?

No. Although as ReelTour becomes more popular we may raise our pricing to new users, but you lock in the pricing for your account at sign up.

Is recording the Agent and their Clients conversation legal?

Yes, because they are notified and have to accept it. They also have the option to opt out if they choose.

Is ReelTour available for all mobile devices?

Reel Tour is currently available for Android tablets only.  We have an iOS version in development and will be released later this year.  Our team is currently researching the viability of a Blackberry and Windows tablet version of our patent pending technology.

Where do I get the stands and displays for my tablets?

We do the research for you and are constantly searching for the best deals. You can get them directly from Amazon and they are featured on our Tablets and Displays page.

What kind of tablets should I buy?

Because you’re using the tablet and Reel Tour app to help “clone” yourself and your efforts, we recommend purchasing a low cost tablet in the rare event that a potential buyer forgets to return the tablet.

We optimized the app to work seamlessly on older and low cost tablets.  Click here to view and purchase our recommended tablets.

How many home tours can I record?

You can record as many rooms and home tours as your tablet will support.  Video files can become large and quickly fill up your tablet’s SD card/drive.  There may be times when you will need to manually delete video files that you’re no longer utilizing.

I don’t use many lockboxes, I show my own property. How would I use this?

Many showing agents use our app when they can’t be there in person or have to send an assistant or another agent to show a listing on their behalf. ReelTour allows the Buyers to get the full experience regardless of who is physically there.

Other agents use ReelTour for open houses in case they have more visitors than they can personally handle at once.

What if the camera on my tablet isn’t very good?

No problem, shoot each video with any HD camera, upload them to Dropbox, and then download or connect the tablet directly to your computer and transfer the files straight to the gallery. You can select an existing video or shoot a new one with the device when creating a room and recording a welcome video.

Where is this available?

World-wide with no restrictions.

Quick Start Guide

FAQ-For those Using ReelTour

How do I access my PRO Account?

Login right from our site by clicking “Log In”

Can I edit my rooms after I save a tour?

Yes, From the main screen tap the “edit tour button”. Then just hit “save” or “next” until you arrive at the room you wish to edit. From here you can change the room name or select another video.

How do I edit videos in the gallery on my tablet?

This entirely depends on which tablet you have. Most Android tablets have limited capability to cut and edit video. These limitations are why we recommend you have someone shoot with you in the home rather than do it yourself. Having ready to go videos you don’t have to cut will save you a ton of time.

If I shoot my videos with another camera, is there a certain format?

Yes! All videos must be in MP4 format. NOTE- Apple devices store video in the .mov file container. If you shoot with an iPhone, you will need to convert the files to mp4 in some other program on your computer. You can also use the “FileConverter” app right from your phone – available in the Apple app store.

Can I change the feedback questions?

No, at this point they are standardized to ensure you get the best response. However, if you can think of another question we should ask, let us know!

I signed up for a PRO Account where do I get the App?

Get the Reel Tour app from the Google Play Store. You will need to purchase the app from the store. You have to do this so we can update your app with the latest versions as needed. You will notice the total to enroll fro a Pro Account is $29.95. You will be billed $20 from us and $9.95 from Google Play Store when you buy the app.

How do I upgrade to a ReelTour Pro Account?

Sign up for a Reel Tour Pro account from our website.  You’ll be charged a $20 setup fee which covers your first month and you’ll be charged a $19.95 recurring monthly fee from that point forward.  You will still need to visit the Google Play Store to purchase the Reel Tour app if you haven’t done so already.

How do I do a manual tablet sync to get my feedback?

Step 1. Turn on your mobile hotspot (either your phone or other device)
Step 2. Close the Reeltour app on your tablet and open the tablet’s settings
Step 3. Choose the wi-fi networks and connect to your hotspot
Step 4. In your tablet settings scroll down to “Accounts” and select “ReelTour”
Step 5. Select “Sync Now” when the progress bar stops spinning, you’re done!

How do I access feedback results after a home tour?

Surveys and access to feedback is a feature of a Pro account.  If you’re subscribed to our monthly Pro account, you can log in and review the survey results from your Reel Tour Dashboard.

How do I cancel my Reel Tour Pro Account?

You can cancel your Reel Tour Pro account at any time by clicking on the Cancel Account link in your Reel Tour Dashboard.  Your account will be cancelled immediately and your credit card will not be charged again.

Your Pro account data and files will be archived for 30 days in the event you wish to reinstate your account.  After that 30 day period, all your files will be deleted and will not be accessible.